The Art of Kitchen Table ConversationsTM

Often as parents we are really great at managing in the workplace and when we come home the semblance of order does not look as familiar or feel as comfortable. Remember your family is the first team you ever become a member of. As parents we have a dual role and responsibility to ensure our children are confident and positive members of our own family and the second is equally ensure that our children are positive member or our community. Our twin role of teacher and parent provides the role model that our children follow regardless of its level of success. If there was a way to have your family reconnect and work together towards a shared vision of having powerful family relationships would you as a family be up for the challenge? Then we invite you to join tens of 1,000's of families who have already experienced the benefits of holding Kitchen table conversations for all members of the family and that include the in-laws.

Can we ask you a few questions? How is having dinner as a family work for you? How often do you have dinner together? Where do you have your family dinner each night? Is it around the table or the TV? What opportunities do you, as a family, create to have kitchen table conversations as a family? It is important that despite the busy lives we all live including after school sporting activities and work commitments how does it all work? What could be better and what could be different?

it is important that these conversations so that parents can provide a positive influence on their children's decision making skills. This builds on strategies to effectively resolve conflicts and rivalries.


KITCHEN TABLE CONVERSATIONS builds opportunities to focus on the important issues - use the Relationships Matter Value conversation cards - this can take as short as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. Building the habit muscle of conversation. What is the definition of wisdom? Wisdom: the ability or the result of an ability to think and act utilising knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. (Collins Concise Dictionary, 1998). Last week you may have got five days' worth of experience however it doesn't mean that you have five days' worth of wisdom. Our definition of wisdom is: the ability to turn your experience and knowledge into a resource that can be used in new situations.

KITCHEN TABLE CONVERSATIONS is a process for families seeking to build powerful family relationships with the intention of DEVELOPING YOUR GAME PLAN

☺ Developing a strong sense of confidence, respectfulness and trust between all family members
☺ Developing life-long skills such as decision making, providing feedback, encouragement, goal-setting, receiving & giving compliments
☺ Being an effective and responsible member of a 'family' team                                           
Creating family rituals when spending time together                                                       
Creating family rituals to celebrate successes "golden nuggets"                                         
☺ Creating workable solutions between siblings, in-laws and parents

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