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In-person Seminars - Join us for one of our internationally renowned interactive seminars, where we will work directly with you and your family to develop a strong family unit.


Are Your Family Conversations - Inspiring, Honest and Open?
Is there room for improvement?


What does being a Yiddishe parent or grandparent look like in the 21st Century?
The rules have changed so much since we were a kinderlach! We had to make sure that we were home before dark, nowadays it's almost a rare sight to see children playing outside.

Remember when public phones were everywhere? - Making a reverse charge call to our parents was the 'norm' back then. Now if our children don't have a mobile phone they feel they are missing out. 
What has happened to talking? Now it's texting? 

Explore the 5 Keys to Your Parenting and Family Success

  1. Have A VISION for Your Relationships  - Discover how to break a habit of a life time. Oh Vey what do I say? Learn how to interpret the signals and know when to stay schtum and listen!
  2. Create FLEXIBILITY and improve your parenting skills to manage sibling rivalry regardless of their age
  3. Form agreements and a commitment to Communicate by TALKING to each other the "old fashion" way
  4. Build STRATEGIES for Future Proofing your children and the whole Gunsamegillah (your net, family and friends and beyond)
  5. Learn how you can bring FUN! to the table all the time - just like having Shabbat every night - A Family That Eats Together Stays Together    

Take home your very own personalised Family Action Plan 


The next Bringing Up Your Parents workshops and seminars are being run in Australia.

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Bringing Up Your Parents: NEWS

Bringing Up Your Parents is proud and excited to announce that they have formed a strategic alliance with Jewish House. Bringing Up Your Parents - 5 keys to healthy family relationships to last a life time has a distinct point of difference.

Jewish House is a non-denominational 24/7 Crisis Support located in the eastern suburbs.

We know that crisis can take many forms, and Jewish House assists a range of people, from those who require urgent and in-person assistance to those who hold down regular jobs and are faced with unexpected challenges, including business leaders who are dealing with personal or employee-related issues.

Jewish House recognises for most people, support involves a combination of approaches and take a multi-disciplinary approach by drawing on a wide range of services.


Bringing Up Your Parents is pleased to offer our services through Jewish House.

  • 5 keys to healthy family relationships
  • Love Bites - a school based-domestic and family violence and sexual assault prevention program for 15 to 17 year olds.   



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Bringing Up Your Parents
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