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Have you ever wondered why some parents find being a parent great fun whilst others find it 'hard yakka' - we all learn by what we see and hear.

Parenting does not come with a manual or set of rules on what and how to parent to 'grow up great kids' - research shows confident, resilient, trusting and respectful parents role model confidence, resilience, trust and respect to their children.

That is why we, the worlds first Mum and Son parenting team have created a wide range of 'theory to practice' parenting education resources.

We want to ensure that you are able to access the very best ideas and information available so that you can 'grow up great kids' and enjoy wonderfully fun family relationships.

When you purchase your at home Parent and Family Coaching course now, Imagine applying the easy to practice strategies straight away with your family in the safety of your own home.

This video series is your answer.

If you and your family want to develop stronger family relationship habits for life then this video series is ideal.

Denise and Marcus provide an understanding of the 5 keys to successful parenting relationships in a set of 5 videos and workbooks that outline an informative, easy and fun approach.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL receive a 20% OFF and a free 30 minute parent coaching session with Marcus and Denise.

1 Video usually $55.00 - 20% OFF - $44.00

5 Video set usually $185.00 - 20% OFF -$148.00

Bringing Up your Parents provides the answers you need.

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Bringing Up Your Parents
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